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NFL Pick'Em: Championship Round, 2015

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Seahawks -7.5 vs Packers   

AP3 - Packers

Lock Alert! 

Big Country - Seahawks


MLZ - Seahawks

The Packers are the most overrated team in sports without question. Don't get me wrong, there is a perfectly good chance the Packers might steal this game but everything will have to go the Packers' way. Luckily for them things sort of shape up correctly on paper seeing that Seattle tends to start slow and that Rodgers can only get that one injection to numb that leg, so he should be at his best in the second half. There is no scenario in which the Packers can win this game in the first half, but if they can't run the ball well and keep it close they can certainly lose this game in the first half. 

Patriots -6.5 vs Colts 


AP3 - Colts


Big Country - Patriots



MLZ - Patriots  

Can someone explain to me why this isn't the easiest teaser in the history of teasers? Please explain why the NFL wouldn't want to see Brady squaring off against the best defense/team since the Patriots themselves repeated as champs and a team that beat the piss out of Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl last year? There are just too many plot lines, not to mention on field mismatches with their current opponents, for us to not spend two weeks talking about the Super Bowl matchup. 

Teaser of the century... Seahawks -1.5 + Patriots -.5



Year to date:


128-123-5 Season 

5-3 Playoffs

2-8 Upset Alert

3-12 Lock Alert

Big Country 

124-127-5 Season

4-4 Playoffs

2-8 Upset Alert 

6-14-1 Lock Alert


130-121-5 Season

4-4 Playoffs

3-6 Upset Alert

16-23-1 Lock Alert 

Saturday, January 17, 2015 

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