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NFL Movie Mock Draft

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The football world has been waiting for the NFL Draft for months, wondering what prospect is going to be a difference maker, and who is going to be a total bust.  The problem with the draft is unless you are a college football junkie who watches film and reads scouting reports, how much can you REALLY know?  I didn't watch Blake Bortles besides his bowl game.  I haven't  watched offensive lineman film.  I can only go off of what the experts say, because I don't know 95% of the prospects.  But you know who I DO know?  Football players from the movies.  Here is my football movie mock draft.

** in my mock draft Miami and NO swapped picks in the first rd. I figured make 1 trade.  Let's pretend Miami got an extra 3rd

1) Houston Texans- QB Joe Kingman (The Gameplan)

The is a DEEP QB draft, and Kingman is the best of the class.  He has the mobility to play in the fast paced NFL, but also the throwing ability to stay in the pocket, which has been a staple of the Bill O'Brien offense.  There were some red flags due to his attitude/leadership, but he has really matured now that he is a father.  He could be the piece to get the Texans back in the playoffs.

2) St. Louis Rams- OT Bud "Lite" Kaminski (The Game Plan)

Stop me if you heard this before.  The Rams cannot protect the QB.  Sure, Sam Bradford might not be a Hall of Famer but he is good enough to get the job done.  Kaminski is the only true offensive tackle in this draft, so you got to snag him and hope to address other issues in the later rounds.

3) Jacksonville Jaguars- LB Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy)

Yes the Jaguars need a QB.  But they also need playmakers.  And that my friends is what Bobby Boucher is.  A playmaker.  Boucher has a chance to be the best defensive player in the league, and nobody can get to the QB like him.  You may have to dumb the defense down a bit, but it will be well worth the reward if he plays to half of his potential.  I see him breaking Strahan's sack record by week 14.

4) Cleveland Browns- QB Willie Beaman (Any Given Sunday)

Finally, the Browns have a legit QB!!! No more Weeden, no more Anderson, no more Campbell.  Can you feel the energy? The game has evolved over the last few years, and it appears that the mobile QB is the future of the position.  Just look at Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick.  Beaman can match them step for step, and was very accurate in limited film made available to the public.  Looking back 5 years from now there is a good chance we say the Browns won the draft with this pick.

5) Oakland Raiders- WR Deacon Moss (Any Given Sunday)

The offense for the Raiders last season was atrocious. They couldn't run, throw, or pass.  If the roster was the same as it was at season's end, QB would be the obvious choice.  But they traded for Matt Schaub, who isn't great, but good enough to address other needs.  That makes Deacon Moss the obvious choice.  Unlike the typical Raider receiver, Moss can actually run routes instead of just running fast, and will give the Raiders it's first offensive weapon since Tim Brown.

6) Atlanta Falcons- DE Steve Lattimer (The Program)

This pick is the definition of high risk/high reward, but the Falcons are in dire need of a pass rush, so you got to pull the trigger.  Lattimer can get to the QB, and overpowers most offensive linemen.  There have been some steroid abuse/behavioral issues in the past, but in today's NFL that isn't the biggest problem.  There are definitely safer pass rushers out there, but none with the ceiling Lattimer has.

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- QB Paul Crewe (The Longest Yard)

Crewe is a former gambling addict, so the Bucs are taking a huge risk here, but he is the best QB on the board and the Bucs need to win now.  Vincent Jackson isn't getting any younger, Doug Martin is one of the best backs in the league, and the offensive line is solid.  But Mike Glennon isn't going to get the job done.  Crewe provides veteran leadership that is needed after last years terrible season, and has shown in the past an ability to get the job done in less than ideal situations.

8) Minnesota Vikings- QB Joe Kane (The Program)

And the early QB run continues, as the Vikings take Hiesman hopeful Joe Kane at 8.  We all know what Adrian Peterson can do, and it's time the Vikings give him a QB who can take some pressure of the running game.  The youngest of the movie QBs drafted so far, he still has developing to do, but there is no reason to think he can't contribute right away.

9) Buffalo Bills- WR Clifford Franklin (The Replacements)

I don't know if EJ Manuel is a franchise QB or not, but we aren't going to find out until he has a true number 1 WR (Stevie Johnson is not a true #1 in my book) to throw too.  Franklin might not have the best hands in the draft, but he has blazing speed and a true deep threat.

10) Detroit Lions- S Inmate Torres (The Longest Yard)

The Lions may have some good defensive players up front, but their secondary leaves a lot to be desired.  Torres is the top safety in the draft, and has a legit mean streak to him.  He will fit in with the nasty Lions D, and will be a regularly fined player for helmet to helmet hits for years to come.

11) Tennessee Titans- DE Julius Campbell (Remember the Titans)

With the offensive playmakers going off the board quick in the top 10, the Titans decided to address defense in round 1.  Julius Campbell is one of the better pass rushers in this draft, and a much safer pick then Lattimer who went pick 6 (but a lower ceiling).

12) New York Giants- WR Rod Tidwell (Jerry Maguire)

Watching the Giants offense last year was painful (well unless you hated the Giants, then it was awesome).  I'm not sure if that was because of Eli or the WR or what, but Tidwell gives Eli a top tier possession WR who could catch 80 passes next year.

13) St Louis Rams-  DT Inmate Switowski (The Longest Yard)

The Rams use their second pick of the draft to pick up Switowski, the big defensive tackle.  He has shown the ability to get to the QB, but his true value is his power.  The guy is going to demand double teams up the middle, freeing up the rest of the pass rush.

14) Chicago Bears- LB Gary Bertear (Remember the Titans)

Let's face it, this isn't the Bears defense we saw dominating the NFL with Urlacher up the middle.  With this pick the Bears are able to sure up the middle of their defense for the years to come.

15) Pittsburgh Steelers- G Jamal Jackson (The Replacements)

You got to be nervous about drafting one of the Jackson brothers, since they have struggled when separated in the past.  But you can't deny the raw ability, and hopefully pairing him with Pouncy he won't miss a beat.

16) Dallas Cowboys- G Andre Jackson (The Replacements)

It's only fitting that the Jackson brothers go back to back, and the Cowboys continue their recent trend of drafting O-line early.  Jackson isn't going to be the reason Big D makes the playoffs, but he should help Tony Romo get more time in the pocket.

17) Baltimore Ravens- LB Alvin Mack (The Program)

With Ray Lewis retired, the Ravens still need a run stopping LB to go with the pass rush specialist Suggs.  Alvin Mack can be that guy, punishing anyone who gets within his reach.

18) NY Jets- WR Travis Sanders (The Game Plan)

The Jets have their QB of the future in Geno, and they have a running back in CJ2k.  They do not have a WR though, and Sanders is the best available.  He could be the piece that gets the Jets back into the playoffs.

19) New Orleans Saints- DE Ivory Christian (Friday Night Lights)

It doesn't matter how many points you score if you can't stop the opposition, which the Saints have struggled to do in recent years.  But the Preacher man is a pure pass rusher, and could really make a difference in the Bayou.

20) Arizona Cardinals- LB Danny Bateman (The Replacements)

The Cardinals are able to draft a natural leader and  extremely mobile linebacker in Danny Bateman, who will terrorize offensive coordinators in the NFC West for years to come.

21) Green Bay Packers-  G Jumbo (The Program)

Jumbo, the former sumo wrestler, is certainly a project due to his limited exposure to football, but you can't teach size and strength, which are necessities to dominate your opposition in the trenches.

22) Philadelphia Eagles- S Brian Chavez (Friday Night Lights)

The Eagles have the offense, but the defense leaves a lot to be desired, making Chavez the perfect fit.  He may be a bit undersized, but he has the intangibles needed to make it in the NFL.

23) Kansas City Chiefs- C/G William Robert (Varsity Blues)

William Robert, also known as Billy Bob, is a real grinder, making up for a lack if athletic ability with heart and determination.  This may be a reach, but when you have Jamaal Charles you want to make sure he has the boys to run behind.

24) Cincinnati Bengals- QB Lance Harbor (Varsity Blues)

Andy Dalton just isn't the answer.  He can't get the job done in the playoffs, makes careless mistakes, and is a year away from free agency.  The Bengals are cheap, so I wouldn't expect Andy to get a big money deal, so it's time to draft the future, and that is Lance.

25) San Diego Chargers- OLB Petey Jones (Remember the Titans)

In today's passing heavy league, it is important to be able to cover a back out of the backfield.  As a former running back, Jones has the ability to keep up with most backs, which is hard to find in linebackers.   Although it is uncertain if Jones can be an every day linebacker, he is a unique talent who needs to be on a roster.

26) Cleveland Browns- RB Julius Washington (Any Given Sunday)

After the Trent Richardson experience, it's hard to believe that Cleveland would draft a running back in the first round.  But Julius Washington isn't just any running back.  He is the total package.  He has a chance to be the best back in the league.  Can't let someone like that slip through your fingers.

27) Miami Dolphins- G Louie Lastick (Remember the Titans)

After the whole Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin incident, the cupboard is pretty bare for offensive lineman in Miami.  Louie is the best left on the board, and should start for the fins.

28) Carolina Panthers- WR Charlie Tweeter (Varsity Blues)

Do the Panthers have anyone left to catch the ball?  With Steve Smith out the door, Tweeter is the logical choice for Carolina.  He may lack size, but could be the perfect slot receiver for Newton.

29) New England Patriots- LB Luther "Shark" Lavay (Any Given Sunday)

With Brandon Spikes leaving for Buffalo, the Pats could use another run stopper.  Shark is on the older side, and will provide leadership to a younger defense.

30) San Francisco 49ers- LB Inmate Battle (Any Given Sunday)

The rich get richer as SF gets to pick up one of the hardest hitting LBs in the draft in Battle.  He should fit right in with the Niners and their defensive approach.

31) Denver Broncos- HB Inmate Meggett (Any Given Sunday)

A combination of Darren Sproles and CJ2k, Meggett is a legit game changer.  He has the potential to break lose a long TD every time he touches the ball.  Combine that with the already dangerous Denver offense and opponents are in trouble.

32) Seattle Seahawks- RB Boobie Miles (Friday Night Lights)

After winning a Superbowl, the Seahawks are the perfect team to take a risk on Miles.  He may be coming off knee surgery, but Boobie is still an elite athlete.  In the right situation he could really thrive and be a steal.

Well that is my movie mock draft.  I hope you all enjoyed.  Hit me up on the twitter @michaelrooney26



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