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College Football Weekly: Week 6, 2013 

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Last week turned out to be a pretty fun college football Saturday and this week it is going to be even better.

Big Games:

Florida State vs Maryland 12:00pm

Miami vs Georgia Tech 3:30pm

Oklahoma vs TCU 3:30pm

Mississippi State vs LSU 7:00pm

Notre Dame vs Arizona State 7:30pm

Northwestern vs Ohio State 8:00pm

Stanford vs Washington 10:30pm

Locks of the Week: (4-14)

UCLA -5.5 @ Utah *Thursday Night

I like this UCLA team. Brett Hundley is getting better with each game and Jim Mora Jr. might actually be a good college coach. They without a doubt miss Jonathan Franklin’s presence in the backfield, but this team could win themselves a Pac 12 title this year.

Clemson -13.5 @ Syracuse

Syracuse lost their best player, maybe in school history, to the draft. The Tigers screwed me last week but this one should be easier for them. They are due for a big performance against a bad team to gain some style points, otherwise Ohio State and Oregon might be able to Floyd Mayweather the Clemson Tigers out of national championship contention.

Arkansas +11 @ Florida

The wheels are on the verge of falling off of this Gators season. I do not like the look of this team and I certainly don’t like that they will likely be looking forward to playing in LSU next week. Florida should win the game but Arkansas is no push over. They will be in this game until the very end.

Penn State -3.5 @ Indiana

Penn State is too well coached to lose this one. Indiana can score but Penn State’s defense is far better and Indiana plays next to no defense having allowed 32.8ppg to the likes of Indiana State, Navy, Bowling Green and Missouri. All of those were also in the friendly confines of their home stadium by the way. If you bet Indiana I promise you that after the first quarter you will be able to feel that Penn State is the better team.

Teaser of the Week: (2-2)

Georgia -.5 @ Tennessee

LSU +.5 @ Mississippi State

Clemson -3.5 @ Syracuse

Moneyline Specials: (2-5)

Nothing this week.

Parlay: (0-1)

While I will advise maybe throwing Miami Arkansas and Penn State into a three team parlay at +600, I am not feeling confident enough about my recent college football picks to truly recommend that. Stick to betting them separately and lets hope to get back on track.

Futures to bet now:

Aaron Murray to win the Heisman 14-1

Baylor to the national championship 75-1

Bet of the Week: (1-3)

Miami -5.5 vs Georgia Tech

I finally won one. I can feel a hot streak coming as I am starting to get a better feel for the field of college football teams. Miami is one of those teams I’m feeling good about. The Hurricanes are really good and may be on track to be the big team out of the ACC and not Clemson. The U has the 10th most points for and the 7th fewest points allowed through four games. Obviously they haven’t had the toughest schedule but that 21-16 win vs Florida stands out. They will bottle up the triple option and roll through Georgia Tech.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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