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College Football Weekly: Week 1, 2013 

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Week 1 has already begun but none of my best picks have been played out yet. Take a peek and hopefully we can win some money this year.

Games of the Week:

Alabama -21 vs Virginia Tech (In Atlanta) 5:30pm

Georgia -2 @ Clemson 8pm

Week 1 what a time. Football is back and life is good. Unfortunately but maybe fortunately for UNC, last night’s season opener was delayed so much that I’m sure nobody watched the Vandy vs Ole Miss game SC/NC was supposed to lead into. But regardless I am giddy. As awful as it is to admit that summer is over, football is back and I am all in on the stupid fall.

A tip for early season betting… there are A LOT of overrated teams. As with any college football season the seven months leading up to a new season creates a ton of storylines for some and almost none for others. Some teams stand out in your mind because of their offseason, whereas others do nothing and become forgotten. Basically when in doubt take the points these first few weeks.

Locks of the Week:

CMU +31.5 @ Michigan 3:35pm

Michigan is far too overrated to take seriously. Central Michigan is not only a rival but they are a fairly solid team. There is no chance in hell that the Wolverines win by 32 or more points. No fucking way.

Penn State -8.5 vs Syracuse (In NJ) 3:35pm

Syracuse just lost what might have been the best player in their school history. Meanwhile Penn State continues to rebuild. Last year they weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been. Bill O’Brien seems to be a really good college coach. I expect this PSU team to be really competitive thanks to their head coach and Syracuse to have a really down year. This should be a blowout early.

Mississippi State +11.5 vs Oklahoma State (In Houston) 3:35pm

SEC vs Big 12. One has a defense the other does not. One has an okay offense that will look good vs a poor defense while one has a possibly great offense that will look like shit vs a good defense.

Mississippi State is really underrated and could make another appearance in this column…

Ohio +20.5 @ Louisville 3:35pm (Sunday on ESPN)

I really think Ohio may win this game outright. Going with the pattern for the week this is far too many points to give for a team that is really underrated. Louisville gains most of their cred for being in such a weak conference. Yet they find themselves nearly three touchdown favorites against a more than capable team.

New Mexico State +43.5 @ Texas 8:05pm

Really? Are people really buying back into Mack Brown football? I don’t care how bad New Mexico State is, as far as I am concerned Texas is a bettors favorite and will get a favorable line against them. They are the anti-Jimmie Johnson in NASCAR, they are a must bet against until further notice.

Nicholls State +58.5 @ Oregon 4:00pm

That is just so f’n many points for a Week 1 matchup.

Teaser of the Week:

CMU +43.5

Alabama -9

Mississippi State +23.5

UGA +9.5

The only one that hasn’t been touched upon is Alabama. The Crimson Tide should come out and roll the Hokies just to prove a point. Nine points is nothing.

Moneyline Specials:

Mississippi State +350 vs Oklahoma State (In Houston) 3:35pm

Oh how good I am at predicting things that I know come true. Hopefully I am right about this one. The SEC is almost always better especially against the Big 12 who’s teams play nearly no defense and can be slowed by the better defensive opponents. Mississippi State should start their season off with a bang once again.

Bet of the Week:

Georgia -2.5 @ Clemson 8pm

Probably the biggest game of the week. However again we have an SEC team vs another conference. Georgia is far more complete than Clemson. Clemson enters with so much hype around them and possible national title contenders that they cannot possibly reach those lofty goals. They don’t have a defense that can even slow Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley. While they have an offense that can put up points, it isn’t ready to score against a defense like the Georgia Bulldogs. This game could get ugly. I may bet a paycheck on Georgia.


Friday, August 30, 2013

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