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Capitals vs Rangers Preview 

Game 1 Thursday 7:30pm NBCSN

This series pits two of the hottest players in the NHL the past month, Ovi and Lundqvist. Over the last 30 days Ovechkin has played 15 games in which he scored 16 goals and dropped 8 dimes. The guy has willed the Caps to the #3 seed as Southeast Division champs. Lundqvist went 10-3-1 in 14 starts with two shutouts and only 25 goals allowed over the same stretch. One of them will have break.

As you have probably already noticed when the playoffs start the games tighten up. Playoff hockey is more physical and goals are hard to come by. Especially when you are up against Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers defense.

The Caps have proven year after year their style of play does not work well in the playoffs. The only thing they have going for them is that the Rangers can really struggle to score.

Going back to last year the Caps knocked off the #2 seed Bruins in 7 games in their first round matchup. They beat them thanks to the Bruins inability to score consistently. This year in the forst round they draw the Rangers who are a very similar team to the Bruins. They rely on their defense and goalie to keep them in close games, while hoping to score just enough to sneak by.

The Bet:

Rangers -115 to win the series

We saw this matchup in round 2 of last years playoffs. Each team has made some changes but none bigger than the loss of the Caps coach. He got them to play defensive minded hockey in the playoffs last year just in time to knock off the Bruins and nearly derail the Rangers. But New York won the series in a hard fought 7 and I think we might see the same this year. The only difference is I can’t picture the Caps winning this series at all. It may go 7 games and even then I am fully confident in Lundqvist stoning them.

Bonus Bets:

Rangers +115 to win Game 1

Game 1 should be very telling. If the Caps get off to a hot start and score in bunches maybe they can steal this thing but I don’t see it happening. Rangers win Game 1 2-1 maybe 3-2.

Rangers win series in 4 games 15-1

5 games 6-1

6 games 4-1

7 games 4.5-1

If you agree with me in that the Rangers are not losing this series then bet all of these because it’s free money. Bet the same on all four of these and the worst case scenario is they win in 6 games and you finish even.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

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