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Best NFL Catches of 2013

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I found myself watching a lot of the best catches of this past year and decided to put together a couple lists of the best. First we will do the best catches of the NFL in 2013. Stay tuned for some college football catches coming up soon. I can’t believe 2013 is already over but there were some incredible plays last year and these are just some of my favorites.



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AJ Green’s hail mary catch

This was more of just a fun play that had to be mentioned. Ultimately it was meaningless since the Ravens ended up winning in overtime yet the Bengals still won the division and the Ravens are golfing somewhere. But it was one hell of a fun play.

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Calvin Johnson over triple coverage

I couldn’t have left Megatron off the list with his nice grab over the Bengals secondary back in Week 7.

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Dez Bryant’s lone moment in the Lions game

If it weren’t for this exceptional touchdown catch Calvin Johnson really would have owned Dez in this game. Regardless this is a filthy catch mostly with his left hand.


Riley Cooper’s one handed snatch

What a sick catch. Cooper skies for this one and just steals it out of the air with one hand and gains some nice yards after the catch too.


Pierre Garcon steals Riley Cooper's thunder

Poor Riley Cooper. Garcon’s catch was similar yet far more amazing. What a piss poor throw by the way, but what an amazing job to control this ball thrown so far over his head. What a tremendous season he had himself as well, despite the disfunction in that Redskins offense, especially at the quarterback position.

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Vincent Jackson wins the one handed category

The Falcons sucked this year and the defense being played in this play is another example of that but that shouldn’t take away anything from this amazing down the field one handed grab.

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Alshon Jeffery bursts onto the scene

Take your pick. These are three of the best catches of the year and all by Alshon. This guy is unbelievable and is going to have an incredible career. He is big and has some of the best hands in the game and has the ability to steal the ball right in front of the defenders face. I think my personal favorite might be the one against the Cowboys but all three were ridiculous. He seemed to have one of these every week. This was just his second season as a pro and I am excited as hell to see what else he can do.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

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