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Best College Football Catches of 2013

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I promised this would be coming, so here we are. These are some of the greatest college football catches of 2013. By the way, what a great BCS Championship game the other night. I feel like the wrong team ended up winning, like if they played 10 times I think Auburn wins 7 of them, but regardless it was a really good game. I may be the only one left but I’m a little sad the BCS is gone.


Odell Beckham kickoff

What a simple/incredible one handed catch with a complete nonchalant reaction.

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Jarvis Landry

What a great job by this kid to sneak the left hand in and steal this ball from the defender.


Nebraska’s Kenny Bell

What a great job skying for this ball and snatching it out of the sky with one hand.


Alabama’s DeAndrew White

Watching this I feel like it should be more well known but the rest of this list is so solid it’s easy to figure out why I haven’t had this catch drilled into my head yet.


Ricardo Louis

This has to be up there with the closest thing any of us have seen to a true miracle, because this was just flat out breath taking when it happened.


Toledo's Alonzo Russell

If you can make this kind of a catch that should be the only play ran near the goal line.


Stanford’s Kodi Whitfield

A backhanded grab with just the right hand while being double covered for the touchdown, just wow.


Colorado’s Paul Richardson

Just wow. Diving fully outstretched and he catches the ball with nothing but his left hand.


UCF’s JJ Worton

That BCS bowl never happens for Central Florida if it weren’t for this grab. With just about a minute to go while facing a seven point deficit, Worton makes an absolutely stunning one handed catch to keep the dream alive.


Cal’s Maurice Harris

Just sick. Most other years the best catch would have been that JJ Worton snag but holy Maurice Harris. This is easily the catch of the year.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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