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2013 NFL Team Props 

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It would be really nice to win some money this NFL season. While every week may end in a loss if you can lay down a good foundation with some smart future bets you can still come out ahead of the game. So lets take a look at where to invest in some team props.

Win Totals:

Ravens over 8.5 wins -115

Bears over 8.5 wins -145

Lions under 8 wins Even money

Saints over 9 wins -155

Bucs under 7.5 wins +120

Cowboys over 8.5 wins -110


Saints +160 to win the NFC South

Bucs +115 to finish last in the NFC South

Packers +250 tin finish 2nd in the NFC North

Bears +350 to win the NFC North

Lions +145 to finish last in the NFC North

Cowboys +250 to win the NFC East

Giants to finish 2nd in NFC East +225

Giants to finish 3rd in NFC East + 275

Redskins to finish 2nd in NFC East +240

Redskins to finish 3rd in NFC East +250

Eagles +145 to finish last in NFC East

Chargers +150 to finish 2nd in AFC West

Steelers +175 to win AFC North

Bengals to finish 2nd in AFC North +225

Ravens to finish 3rd in AFC North +225

AFC Championship:

Patriots +275

Steelers +850

NFC Championship:

Saints 10-1

Bears 14-1

Cowboys 14-1

Rams 30-1

Super Bowl:

Seahawks +750

Patriots 7-1

Falcons 14-1

Saints 15-1

Steelers 20-1

Bears 25-1

Rams 50-1

NFC -110 to win the Super Bowl

Undefeated Specials:

Saints 50-1 to go 16-0

Winless Specials:

Jets 50-1 to go 0-16

Fewest Points Scored:

Jets +350

Bills 12-1

Most Points Scored:

Saints 4-1

Falcons 10-1


Monday, September 2, 2013

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