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2013 Power Rankings Week 6 

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Well the bookends are still the same and will face each other in the game with the highest spread in NFL History. Try and "stay classy" as you check out the NotBS Week 6 NFL Power Rankings.



Rank Team Previous Rank Up/Down Record Against The Spread Next Opponent The Word
1 Broncos 1 0 5-0 4-1 vs. Jacksonville Should be interesting to see how the Broncos use their 1st Bye Week.
2 Saints 3 1 5-0 4-1 at New England Drew Brees is not getting enough credit for the job he's doing.
3 Chiefs 5 2 5-0 4-1 vs. Oakland This defense is strong.
4 Colts 6 2 4-1 3-2 at San Diego Remember when I called them frauds? Neither do I, let's keep moving.
5 Seahawks 2 -3 4-1 4-1 vs. Tennessee Tough loss against a good opponent on the road.
6 49ers 7 1 3-2 3-2 vs. Arizona Taking care of business at home against Schaub was a must.
7 Patriots 4 -3 4-1 2-3 vs. New Orleans If they don't get Brady some help soon this season is going to go south fast.
8 Bengals 12 4 3-2 3-1-1 at Buffalo Knocking off the Patriots should get people to respect this defensive line more.
9 Packers 13 4 2-2 2-2 at Baltimore Offense looked bad with extra rest against a pitiful Lions team. At least Calvin took a week off to help the Pack out.
10 Titans 10 0 3-2 3-1-1 at Seattle If Ryan Fitzpatrick is running the show then the Titans are in deeeeeeeep shit.
11 Texans 9 -2 2-3 0-5 vs. St. Louis How do you think the home fans will treat Schaub this week?
12 Bears 8 -4 3-2 1-3-1 vs. Giants I knew the Bears suck. Jay Cutler ruins lives.
13 Cowboys 16 3 2-3 4-1 vs. Washington Poor Romo played a great game and people will only remember that interception at the end.
14 Browns 17 3 3-2 3-2 vs. Detroit Who would have thought that the season may be over due to a Brian Hoyer torn ACL?
15 Dolphins 15 0 3-2 3-2 BYE Losing at home is not how you want to go into the Bye week.
16 Falcons 11 -5 1-4 0-4-1 BYE To quote mlz, “Mike Smith is a poor man's Mike McCarthy.” after this performance
17 Lions 14 -3 3-2 3-2 at Cleveland Without Calvin Johnson the Lions offense looked really pathetic.
18 Ravens 19 1 3-2 3-2 vs. Green Bay Huge road win despite Joe Flacco trying to give it all away.
19 Chargers 18 -1 2-3 3-1-1 vs. Indianapolis It's never fun losing to the Raiders.
20 Eagles 20 0 2-3 2-3 at Tampa Bay Anyone can beat the Giants, but it takes a real College team to beat the Bucs.
21 Rams 21 0 2-3 1-3-1 at Houston Jeff Fisher can breath easy after beating the lowly Jaguars.
22 Jets 24 2 3-2 4-1 vs. Pittsburgh Fair question, should Rex Ryan get coach of the Year consideration?
23 Raiders 27 4 2-3 3-2 at Kansas City If a team wins at 2:30 AM Eastern time does it count?
24 Cardinals 26 2 3-2 4-1 at San Francisco Carson Palmer sucks, but the Panthers suck more apparently.
25 Redskins 25 0 1-3 1-3 at Dallas Big win this week for the Redskins during the Bye.
26 Bills 22 -4 2-3 3-2 vs. Cincinnati They were giving the Browns a run for their money until Manuel went down.
27 Panthers 23 -4 1-3 1-3 at Minnesota The Panthers are starting to give me a Bears feeling of hate. Newton looks bad and the GM is doing background checks on new coaches already.
28 Vikings 28 0 1-3 2-2 vs. Carolina Let's see if Cassel can make the competition that much harder for Freeman.
29 Steelers 30 1 0-4 0-4 at N.Y. Jets Back to back down seasons from the Steelers is extremely rare.
30 Giants 29 -1 0-5 0-5 at Chicago Coughlin is on the chopping block. They need to show improvement on the road against the Bears on a short week if he wants a shot.
31 Buccaneers 31 0 0-4 1-3 vs. Philadelphia Now that Freeman's gone, we can focus on winning this season. Said no one.
32 Jaguars 32 0 0-5 0-5 at Denver Stay Classy Jaguars.



NY Giants +9 over Chicago 

Lock Alert!

Only the other way. I believe the Bears easily cover this spread against a pathetic, banged up, just want to quit Giants team. Short week with no offensive line and an injured starting running back spells disaster for the Giants. Lay those points if you want to win, but I'm taking the Giants because as always, fuck the Bears.


Chicago -9 over NY Giants

This has all the makings of the worst football game of the season. This season has provided us with plenty of sloppy Thursday games but now we get both Cutler and Eli? 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013 

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