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Power Rankings Week 1, 2013 

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Professional football starts tomorrow. You know what that means, it’s time for the 2013 Week 1 NotBS Power Rankings


Rank Team Previous Rank Up/Down Record Against The Spread Next Opponent The Word
1 49ers - - 0-0 0-0 vs. Green Bay A few plays away from winning the Super Bowl, the Defending NFC Champs start the season at the top of the Power Rankings
2 Broncos - - 0-0 0-0 vs. Baltimore A stronger defense and Wes Welker added to the offense yields the Broncos in the 2 spot
3 Patriots - - 0-0 0-0 at Buffalo Despite the losses of Welker and Aaron Hernandez, Tom Brady is this good
4 Seahawks - - 0-0 0-0 at Carolina One of, if not the best defense in the league. I'm still not sold on the offense or coach yet, that's why they fall to the 4 spot.
5 Texans - - 0-0 0-0 at San Diego Add an offensive weapon to the offense (DeAndre Hopkins) and add a veteran presence on the defense (Ed Reed) and you have a solid top 5 team
6 Packers - - 0-0 0-0 at San Francisco They lose the oft injured Greg Jennings, but Aaron Rodgers can smell blood after getting embarrassed by the 49ers last year
7 Falcons - - 0-0 0-0 at New Orleans Matt Ryan won his first playoff game and gets a runningback that isn't overweight. Tougher schedule this season, should be a good test for the veteran QB.
8 Saints - - 0-0 0-0 vs Atlanta Total Eff You season in the making. The Saints get Head Coach Sean Payton back
9 Redskins - - 0-0 0-0 vs Philadelphia RG3 coming off of knee surgery is scary. This ranking is totally based on his health. If he's healthy, they are a very scary team.
10 Cowboys - - 0-0 0-0 vs. Giants Though they haven't improved from last season, It may be do or die for Jason Garrett and Tony Romo
11 Steelers - - 0-0 0-0 vs. Tennessee New runningback, somewhat new defense. Healthy Big Ben and top 5 head coach Mike Tomlin look to rebound to the top of the AFC North
12 Colts - - 0-0 0-0 vs Oakland Andrew Luck is a great QB. The team however will take a step back this year in a sophomore slump
13 Bengals - - 0-0 0-0 at Chicago Giovanni Bernard may be my favorite RB since the inception of Maurice Jones-Drew. Sadly, Hard Knocks is the highlight of the Bengals season.
14 Giants - - 0-0 0-0 at Dallas The Giants are one of those every other year teams. Suck one year, Super Bowl contender the next. I hope they suck, but this could be a decent year despite some new faces on the offensive side.
15 Dolphins - - 0-0 0-0 at Cleveland The 'phins should be a fun offense to watch this season with an improved passing game. Their defense however will struggle with a tough schedule against offensive juggernauts
16 Vikings - - 0-0 0-0 at Detroit I love Adrian Peterson, but I don't think he can repeat what he did last season. Christian Ponder really sucks so expect to see Matt Cassel by season's end
17 Lions - - 0-0 0-0 vs Minnesota Strong Offense, weak defense. Should be entertaining to watch.
18 Panthers - - 0-0 0-0 vs Seattle The Panthers are similar to the Lions. Strong offense with a weak defense. Cam Newton luckily has another year or two before he starts getting called out for not making them a playoff team
19 Bears - - 0-0 0-0 vs Cincinnati The loss of Brian Urlacher is HUGE. I honestly don't even know who the Bears head coach is. This team will suck.
20 Eagles - - 0-0 0-0 at Washington Chip Kelley will be facing a learning curve, but I think he will be a good NFL head coach... just not this year.
21 Chiefs - - 0-0 0-0 at Jacksonville Andy Reid is just what the Chiefs needed. He can turn the franchise around and make them a playoff team again. However Rome wasn't built in a day, or in this case an offseason.
22 Chargers - - 0-0 0-0 vs Houston Sadly the Chargers waited too long to drop Norv Turner. The window for Phil Rivers is almost closed, and the team around him is a C- at best.
23 Ravens - - 0-0 0-0 at Denver From Super Bowl Champs to paying Joe Flacco the most money in NFL history. Enjoy that Super Bowl Ravens fans, it may be a while before your next one.
24 Buccaneers - - 0-0 0-0 at Jets I don't think there is a more overrated team than the Bucs. They made steps last year with a weak schedule. They don't have a QB and play in the most competitive division in the NFL.
25 Cardinals - - 0-0 0-0 at St. Louis Bruce Arians heads to Arizona. I wasn't really sure where to rank these guys. Their offense looks stronger and so does their defense. They could shock some people.
26 Titans - - 0-0 0-0 at Pittsburgh Tennessee doesn't seem to improve ever. They feel like they have just been a blah team ever since Vince Young's last season there. Maybe it's a curse?
27 Rams - - 0-0 0-0 vs Arizona This could be it for Sam Bradford. He's got to stay healthy and have a decent season to prove he's not a bust. I'm rootin' for ya Sammy.
28 Browns - - 0-0 0-0 vs Miami After blowing the Browns all of last year I rank them in the 28 spot. Hopefully they prove me wrong, I think they can get into the top 20. They have a very tough defense and a solid running game in a now weak AFC North.
29 Bills - - 0-0 0-0 vs New England That Matt Leinart experiment was a good idea right? It's going to be a long year Bills fans.
30 Jaguars - - 0-0 0-0 vs Kansas City California here we come... 2015
31 Jets - - 0-0 0-0 vs Tampa Bay Despite having one of the better coaches in the league, this team really sucks due to ownership and upper management. Rex needs a change of scenery
32 Raiders - - 0-0 0-0 at Indianapolis If they played the 2013 Alabama Crimson Tide, the Tide are favored by double digits



Denver -7.5  over Baltimore

Remember the old Brett Favre rule about betting against him in Prime Time? Peyton Manning has taken the reigns over. Lay the points.


Denver -7.5 over Baltimore 



Wednesday, September 4, 2013 

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