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2013 NFL Bet Box: Week 5 

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Well this has escalated quickly. After keeping Sonic golden in the first two weeks, I’ve had to spend many dollars at the arcade just to keep him playing the last two. Here’s to winning it all back in the NotBS Week 5 Bet Box.



Before we get started, a couple uncommon definitions:


Pick 5: Pool designed to pick 5 winners against the spread. Must win all 5 selections to share in the pot; A push ties. Generally, spreads are 1 3 7 10 14 and 17


2/3 Team Teaser: Teasing is when you are given points for multiple picks (either a team ats or an o/u) for little less odds than a parlay. A 2 team teaser gets 6 points while a 3 team teaser gets 10.


Parlay: Multiple bets correct for maximum profit


Prop: Achievements by teams or individual players


“Hinge team:” There may be a technical term so if you come across it please fill me in. It’s basically the team that you think is the lock to do what you want them to do. So you use that team in multiple parlays and teasers because you are counting on them. Basically if that team doesn’t do what you want, you end up having a shitty day. Feels like Chicago is my hinge team this week. I may have been completely wrong about them. I had them pegged for a 4-12 season and now I think they will win the NFC North.


Results from the Past:

Going into Week 4: -291.5 Sonic Rings

Total Risk Week 4: 310 Sonic Rings

Total Win Week 4: 0

Total Net Week 4: -310 Sonic Rings

Overall Net: -601.5 Sonic Rings


Pick 5

Seattle -3 over Indianapolis

Baltimore +3 over Miami

New York Giants -3 over Philadelphia 

Carolina -3 over Arizona

San Francisco -7 over Houston



Rams -2 over Jaguars

Saints +9 over Chicago

Giants +7 over Eagles

Risk: 110 Sonic Rings

To Win: 100 Sonic Rings

Teaser Record: 3-2



Seahawks -3 over Colts

49ers -250 over Texans

Falcons -550 over Jets

Giants -3 (+120) over Eagles

Risk: 100 Sonic Rings

To Win: 610.67 Sonic Rings

Parlay Record: 0-4 


Giants -3(+120) over Eagles

Risk: 100 Sonic Rings

To Win: 120 Sonic Rings

Detroit +7 (-105) over Green Bay


Risk: 105 Sonic Rings

To Win: 100 Sonic Rings

Ravens Over 25.5 Rushing Attempts (Not including QB) (-115)

Risk: 115 Sonic Rings

To Win: 100 Sonic Rings

Over .5 INTD’s thrown by Matt Schaub between Week 5-17 (even)

Risk: 100 Sonic Rings

To Win: 100 Sonic Rings

Weekly Risk (No futures): 530 Sonic Rings

To Win: 1030.67 Sonic Rings


Good Luck and let’s get back to green.



Saturday, October 5, 2013 

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