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2013 NBA All Star East Reserves

The starters will be Rondo, Wade, Melo, Lebron, and Garnett. The reserves will be named on Thursday. Let's take a look at who's names should be announced on Thursday to join these guys in Houston.

Jrue Holiday

The 76ers are falling off after a hot start but that's not in any way Jrue Holiday's fault. He's averaging 19.2ppg and 8.9apg while grabbing grabbing over four rebounds a night. He's turning the ball over a bit too much, but he's really asserting himself as a force in this league all of a sudden.

Kyrie Irving

He has missed some time due to injury but when he hasn't he has been ripping up the court. He is playing with a couple rookies and a bunch of scrubs so his assist numbers are down. But to supplement that he has been the East's third highest scorer with 23.1ppg. All you have to do is watch him for a few minutes and you will know why he is an all-star, this kid is good. 

Chris Bosh

He's probably pissed off that KG is starting over him since his stats are better, but cry about it Bosh, nobody likes you. If Miami lost your 17.5ppg and 7.1rpg they would be hurting, but they wouldn't be dead. You should be banging for 10+ rebounds a game since you know you play for the 2nd worst rebounding team in the league, instead you're a sally. Nevertheless you are talented enough to make this team. Congrats big guy.

Joakim Noah

I'm taking Noah over Lopez. Brook has played pretty well this year with 18ppg and 7.4rpg with great shooting numbers. Noah isn't scoring at the same rate but his rebounds are where a big mans should be. While they are tied in blocks per game at 2.1 Noah really edges Lopez with his defense and ferocity. He anchors that defense and as a result they have held a solid record without one of the 12 best players in the league. For the record Noah is averaging over three bounds, including an extra offensive rebound, over three assists and half a steal more per game than Brook Lopez. I'll take the physicality and those other bonus stats over the 6.3ppg and his better shooting numbers. 

Tyson Chandler

Just a monster. No real need to explain this one. 12 points 11 boards while shooting over 67% per game. His blocks are a bit down with only 1 per game this year. But he is still the key to the Knicks defense.

Paul Pierce

Yes he's been struggling a bit as of late. But he's still Paul Pierce. He is still an all-star at least for this one last year, especially with Deng going down with another injury.

Brandon Jennings

Some might argue Monta Ellis here for the last spot, they are idiots. They're per game averages are rather similar but did you know Monta Ellis is shooting 24% from three this year? And he is still taking 5+ a game. 40% from the field and 79.6% from the ft line compared to Jennings 41% and 84% to go along with his better 35% from deep. That's basically what it comes down to. Monta has and always will be a bomber. He just jacks up shots. Jennings does it a bit himself but he has played more under control this year and that's why he gets the nod.

Come back tomorrow for the West.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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