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2013 Big 12 Football Preview 

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This may be the biggest crapshoot in sports. This conference is fast, up tempo, and almost all through the air. There is very little focus on defense mostly because of the lack of talent and the need to keep up with the other dynamite offenses. However that does make for some pretty interesting defensive strategies. Either way this conference is completely up for grabs. A few bounces and who gets the ball last will determine most of the games. That makes some of the odds are win are rather juicy.

Players to watch:

Casey Pachall QB, TCU (Sr.)

This kid has a great arm and a good football mind but he left the team last season and it will be awfully interesting to see if he can get back into the swing of things.

John Hubert RB, Kansas St. (Sr.)

The new stud of the Wildcats offense. This senior back is a stud and will be the focus of most defenses.

Lache Seastrunk RB, Baylor (Jr.)

This former Oregon transfer has made them look silly already. This kid is legit. With the benefit of the Big 12 defenses he is going to flourish this season.

Josh Stewart WR, OK State (Jr.)

This kid is in the process of replacing Justin Blackmon.

How they’ll finish:

10. Iowa State (+3000)

The Cyclones are just too young to make an impact. They should be competitive in some big games but that will depend squarely on how fast their unproven wide receiving core can grow up, and how consistent they will be. They have a pretty good group protecting an up and coming quarterback and they have a few solid running backs but their passing attack they value isn’t there because of the lack of pass catchers.

9. Kansas (+6000)

How about this for a splash, Charlie Weis knew he wouldn’t land too many top notch high school recruits so he chose to bring in 17 junior college transfers. While there is a reason they are JUCO transfers, they should be able to come in and play right away. They should make some sort of an impact right away. They could put Kansas football back on the map. I like the play by Weis. It’s ballsy but wise. Yet it’s just good enough to get them out of the cellar.

8. West Virginia (+2500)

This team certainly has lost an edge. After losing Geno Smith they will be nursing a young quarterback along with a team that isn’t exactly a run first team. With a defense that my flag football team from my freshman year in college could score on, he is still going to be asked to throw it. That is going to end poorly, I feel bad for that kid.

7. Texas Tech (+2000)

You know the drill with Texas Tech, pass the ball. Michael Brewer is a smart accurate new coming quarterback. He will lead the Red Raiders offense filled with plenty of lightning quick backs and quick receivers. With new coach Kliff Kingsbury in town the offense will be ratcheted up even more. The quarterbacks will be allowed to do more and make more quick passes in hopes to keep the chains moving and not stall out so many drives. Unfortunately he won’t get much help from the defense who while was pretty good against the pass last year just failed miserably at forcing turnovers and at putting pressure on the quarterback.

6. TCU (+350)

Here is the one defensive minded club. Naturally they are new to this conference and still trying to work things out. They still need to figure out a rhythm on offense that can control the clock and give their defense the rest it needs to stop a Big 12 attack. The offensive line will be the key just that. If they can find their comfort zone and begin to dominate like they once did then TCU might actually be a legit contender to win this conference, yes with defense who would have thought it were possible.  

5. Oklahoma State (+225)

A loaded wide receiving core headed by possible monster Josh Stewart will help whichever quarterback ends up under center. We should see several and none seem like ideal choices. The defense could help them out if they strike it right. They are looking to become a more aggressive team bringing guys from all angles. Of course that could result in allowing more big plays, it all depends on the execution.


4. Texas (+225)

So the mighty Texas Longhorns program has been reduced to a gimmick offense? Clearly they can’t play defense since a mouse could have farted n blew a hole in the middle of that group last year. They can’t tackle and they can’t cover. A weak up tempo gimmick offense certainly isn’t going to help them rest or help them play with the lead. Don’t buy into the sane hype that has been there for years of soft Longhorns teams. They won’t be terrible because kids still look at them as a major program but Mack Brown is not a good coach.

3. Oklahoma (+300)

Bob Stoops is a good coach, not a great coach. He seems to know what it takes to run a good team but he hasn't been able to fill his team with any aggression, any fire. Bob Stoops teams seem to perennially disappoint during the biggest of games. Whether it’s the last week of the season before qualifying for the national championship game or even if it’s just one more win wins the Big 12 and earns a BCS bowl bid. They don’t seem to get the job done when the pressure is on.

The defense can’t win battles in the trenches. They don’t make plays in the backfield and they certainly don’t stop the run. The offense has some talent but an undersized line and some big holes to replace at wide receiver. The quarterbacks, yes multiple, this year should be much more mobile than in years past to make up for the new pass catching talent coming in but they are not up to par with any legit conference contending team, even if this is the Big 12.

2. Baylor (+1200)

Last year Baylor finished 14th in the nation in rush offense. Now that they have their 1-2 punch of Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin back they should be even better. That should mesh nicely with one of the most explosive passing attacks in the country.

The defense is obviously on par with the rest of the conference but they have some interesting pieces. While they need to get more pressure on the backfield they do have a lot of potential in their secondary. They could really surprise a lot of people especially if they can put pressure on the quarterback and rush his decisions.

1. Kansas State (+1500)

Bill Snyder has worked his magic throughout 23 year career at Kansas State. Last year they won the Big 12 title. These Bill Snyder teams don’t commit penalties, don’t turn the ball over, and take advantage of big moments. This year they return ten starters, including all five on the offensive linemen who only allowed 14 sacks last season as opposed to the 42 rushing touchdowns they paved the way for. There are still a lot of pieces in place and new QB Daniel Sams (So.) should become a fairly good replacement for Colin Klein. They have a pretty good defense, as far as the Big 12 is concerned, they have a great o-line and some nice tempo controlling offensive pieces. While some may scoff at the joke of a non-conference schedule, I like it, it gives them time to come together. I think they become the most complete team and will win back to back titles in this conference.

Best Bets to win the Big 12:

Kansas State 15-1

Baylor 12-1  


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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