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AFC South Preview 2013

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2 playoff teams came from this division last season, due to their not really being a dominant team in the AFC again in 2013, look for only one to come out of the South.


How They Will Finish:


    1. Houston Texans -250 To win the AFC South

The 2012 division winners should have no issues at a repeat in 2013. Their defense gets stronger with veteran leader Ed Reed now in the mix, and their potent offense gets stronger with the addition of rookie DeAndre Hopkins from Clemson. Their major concern is Matt Schaub. This will be the year to determine if he is right for this team. If he doesn’t improve in the playoffs, look for Houston to trade up for a QB in the 2014 draft.

Key Games: vs. Seattle @ San Francisco vs. New England vs. Denver

    2. Indianapolis Colts +240 To win the AFC South

Andrew Luck is going to be a stud QB in this league sooner than expected. That being said, the Colts will absolutely take a step backward this season. They benefitted from an easy schedule last season and the great motivation behind head coach Chuck Pagano. Yes he is an inspiration, but the story will be slightly downplayed this year. I have the Colts missing the playoffs, they still need another weapon or two for Luck and the defense needs to improve.

Key Games: @ San Francisco vs. Seattle vs. Denver @ Cincinnati


    3. Tennessee Titans +800 To win the AFC South

The Titans are not a good football team. They have a few nice pieces, but too many headache players (see: Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt). They also have a below average QB and a middle of the pack to below average defense. Best case scenario for the Titans is bottoming out and grabbing a QB in the draft. They kind of tipped their hand by drafting offensive line (Chance Warmack) in the first round: build a solid line, and fill in the skills behind it.

Key Games: @ Pittsburgh @ Seattle vs San Francisco @ Denver

    4. Jacksonville Jaguars +2800 To win the AFC South

They just flat out suck. The fans suck. The city sucks. The new multicolored helmets suck. Just bad badbad. Being a Michigan fan, I hate to see Denard Robinson here. At least he should get some playing time since he’s stuck on this shitbag of a team. It would surprise me if the Jaguars got to 3 wins this season.


Key Games: None, they are the doormats of the NFL.



Monday, August 12, 2013 

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