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The AFC North Preview 

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In a division that is known for its physical play, the AFC North may be the most competitive in football. It’s certainly one that no one wants to see on their schedule.


How they’ll finish:


1. Pittsburgh Steelers +190 to win division

The Steelers come into the season after missing the playoffs in 2012 with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. They lose veteran team distraction James Harrison, and also most recently lost wide receiver PlaxicoBurress to injury. Yes the Steelers lost Mike Wallace to the Dolphins, but he was only a deep threat. Look for Ben to make more plays with his feet (as long as he stays healthy) and get more guys involved in the offense.

Key Games: @ Minnesota @ Green Bay

2. Cleveland Browns +650 to win division

That’s right I said it. This team made the leap last year and proved that they can play with the big boys. They finished last in the division last season so they benefit from a slightly easier strength of schedule than the other 3 teams in their division. Making the playoffs is another story, but on the back of a hard-nosed defense and a powerful running game, the Browns are a force to be reckoned with.

Key Games: @ Green Bay @ New England

3. Cincinnati Bengals +200 to win division

They have the pleasure of being on Hard Knocks this season on HBO. They also get the headache of James Harrison. Andy Dalton takes a step back this season as the Bengals face a tougher schedule and are more than overdue for having someone arrested.

Key Games:vs Green Bay vs New England @ Indianapolis

4. Baltimore Ravens +190 to win division

From first to worst.Now as a sports fan you have to be happy about the championship. However, now you have to pay Joe Flacco, your two most emotional players are gone, there’s another year of mileage on Ray Rice’s legs, Flacco’s go to receiver is gone, and your starting tight end is also most likely out for the season with an injury. Good news though Ravens fans, it’s a quarterback heavy draft and you just overpaid yours.

Key Games: @ Denver vs Houston vs Green Bay vs New England



Sunday, August 11, 2013 

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